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all services include a 20% Gratuity

body treatments

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seaborn wellness massage  

$162 hr / $216 90min

Our customizable massage experience leaves you whole and replenished – choose your pressure and areas of focus to achieve a state of calm and serenity. Enjoy included hot stone on the back and rehydrate with organic coconut oil and cream. Service ends with a light aromatherapy mist. Includes Gratuity.


aromatherapy massage 

$162 hr / $216  90min

Image by Tijana Drndarski

Pick from a variety of 4 amazing scents to enhance your massage service

Options are

Beach Bliss    | Juicy Pineapple, Coconut, Lemon and Tangerine

Coco Cabana    | Coconut, Mandarin, Amber and Vanilla 

C'est La Vie       | Champagne and French White Grapes

Bourbon Bay     | Bourbon, Vanilla and Star Anise 

Includes Gratuity.

Image by Stephany Williams
Image by Nacho Domínguez Argenta

Deep tissue massage

$180 hr / $240  90min

Release stress and tension with our renewing deep tissue massage. Experience the relief your body needs with deep intentional massage work set to break up adhesions and knots under the surface. Enjoy a hot stone to help warm up the tissue and a cooling muscle cream aids in calming areas overworked or inflamed. Includes Gratuity.

couples service (single therapist)

$300 (1hr each person) 

Our couples service with single therapist features your choice of unscented organic lotion+oil or our tropical scents lotion+oil combo. Service is for 1hr each and couple switches between services. Services also includes complimentary hot stones and aromatherapy mist. Includes Gratuity. 

HOT STONE (full body)

aromatherapy bottle

seaweed face mask

Sea minerals

Salt block dry scrub

Image by Anshu A

 $20 EACH


seaborn classic massage

A classic wellness massage. choose pressure and areas of focus while enjoying a rich organic coconut oil and crème.

[group experience – choose areas of focus for 25 mins or whole body for 50 mins]

2 hour minimum


$180 hr. $90 ½ hr     1hr minimum

Chair massage

Relaxation of the back and neck combined with percussion tool therapy to melt away tension and achieve an overall sense of relief from everyday stress. Between 10-25 mins a person. uses hand techniques, percussion tool therapy and rollers. Hawaiian botanical aromatherapy available to add on at no extra charge ~


$180hr. $90 ½ hr   1hr minimum

24 hr cancelation policy 

Cancelations made more than 24 hours out from a booked appointment will be refunded in full. Cancellations within the 24 hour period will not be refunded*

*If an unforeseen emergency is the reason for cancelation, you may reach out via email to request a refund. Refunding requests within 24 hours of the appointment are up to the business' discretion. 

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